India eVisa Processing Time

We are a commercial website. If you use our service to get an e-Visa, you will have to pay our service fee and an Indian Government Fee. We will give you advice and support to help you with your e-Visa applications. You will have your e-Visa updated frequently, and get a decision on your e-Visa from us. If you do not use our service, you can apply in person at the Indian embassy in your country or by using the official Indian Government website. The cost of this is lower, but you do not get a refund if your e-Visa application is rejected.

There are four steps to getting an India e-Visa.

Step 1
1. Apply online
Step 2
2. Pay the visa fee online
Step 3
3. Get your e-Visa
Step 4
4. Get your visa stamp
Step 1

Step 1: Apply online

Fill in the online form on our website at APPLY VISA.

  • Type your information into the online form.
  • You need to enter the exact personal information of all the people included in your application.
Step 2

Step 2: Pay the visa fee online

You can pay by credit card or debit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

  • Check your information to make sure that all of it is correct. Then choose the payment method and fill in the secure page to make the payment.
  • After we have received your full payment of our service fee and the government fee, we will send you an email asking for extra information to finish your application.
Step 3

Step 3: Print off your e-Visa

  • Check your emails frequently to find the confirmation for your information and the time you will get your e-Visa.
  • Print off your e-Visa and take it with you when you travel to India.
Step 4

Step 4: Get your visa stamp

  • When you arrive in India with a valid e-Visa, the airport staff will stamp your passport.